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Testimonials- Who's Talking?

"My pictures were perfect and I had a lot of fun."

I felt very relaxed and had a great time for my senior pictures. The environment was stress-free and I didn't feel any pressure. Dave and Lisa are great people and easy to work with. My pictures were perfect and I had a lot of fun. Thanks Lasting Images!

Bryant Klein
Sterling High School

"I can not thank you two enough for all you have done for me this summer."

Thank you for taking my senior pictures. My family, friends and I will treasure the memories for years to come. You studio was a lovely place to take wonderful pictures. Seeing what you both can do makes me want to become a photographer even more. I can not thank you two enough for all you have done for me this summer. I will also tell my friends about you two and your work to give me a summer I will never forget. Thank you so much.

Jessica Horan
Brush High School

" Totally AMAZING... The final result was above and beyond what we expected."

Working with Dave and Lisa was an awesome experience. We literally chose their name from the Yellow Pages and had no idea what to expect.  Dave was very helpful over the phone initially by telling us what to bring as far as sports uniforms, change of clothes, etc. He took a ton of pictures in all sorts of settings.  Being able to view them with Lisa that same day was unbelievable.  She was able to help us decide which pictures to keep, which was extremely difficult as they were ALL good pictures to choose from. But the most exciting part was how she put together the composite picture.  Totally AMAZING. Even working via email to have some of our own input - was like she could visualize what we had in our minds.  The final result was above and beyond what we expected. I can't hardly wait until my younger son is ready to graduate so that we can come back for his senior pictures!

Jana Henry (Casey Brost)
Fleming High School

"...priceless!... What a memory and heirloom for Ethan..."

I'd classify a picure with this quality of subject and artistry and technical expertise as priceless. The piercing intensity of Ethan's eyes is unforgettable. What a memory and heirloom for Ethan and his future.

Collette Brost (Ethan Brost)
Brush High School

"The session was so fun and relaxing and the pictures turned out AMAZING!!!"

I had a great time during my Lasting Images session. Dave & Lisa were very professional and helped me pick out my best pictures. I had so much fun taking the pictures that I almost forgot why I was there. I would recommend Lasting Images to anybody wanting unique, fun pictures. The hardest part is deciding which images not to keep, they all turned out great!

Mikala Daugenbaugh
Kiowa High School

We drove 1 1/2 hours to have senior pictures taken. So worth it!! The session was so fun and relaxing and the pictures turned out AMAZING!!! I will be coming back to Lasting Images for many years to come!!

Debbie Daughenbaugh

High School Senior Girl"Thank you so much for a job better-than-well-done!"

After experiencing other professional photographers in big cities over the years, it was very refreshing and wonderful to work with the very knowledgeable and professional team at Lasting Images. They all helped us through the whole senior picture process with a small town spirit while producing very high quality portraits and other "bonuses" at prices comparable to others in this area. We'll be going back! Thank you so much for a job better-than-well-done!

Cheryl Winberg (Alison Noon)
Fort Morgan High School

Senior Portrait"We loved the originality and quality of the portraits."

The most important part to me as a parent, and even for my daughter Carrie, was the time Dave spent with us. He was patient and went above and beyond to make sure our session was fun and we were relaxed. The entire staff at Lasting Images showed so much caring and thoughtfulness to make sure our portraits and order were perfect. When it came time to order, I didn't feel as if I was in a high pressure sale and appreciated the ideas and suggestions of different ways to put our order together. Most of all, we loved the originality and quality of the portraits. The whole experience was a positive one and we will be using Lasting Images again and again.

Jackie Barton (Carrie Barton)
Sterling High School

Senior Portrait"Dave, Lisa and their crew are so professional and accomodating."

Initially, we chose Lasting Images to do our oldest daughter’s senior portraits because of the originality and diversity of their setting choices. But, we came back a few years later to do our son’s senior portraits because of service. Dave, Lisa and their crew are so professional and accommodating. In the future, Lasting Images will definitely be our choice for all our portrait needs.

Alan and Lori Baer

Senior Portrait"It was so nice to be around people who love what they do"

I had so much fun getting my picture done! I felt like a princess! It was so much fun; I didn't want it to stop! When my time was done, I was a little sad because I just had so much fun!

Tiffany Scheneman

As a parent/guardian, it was so much fun to watch the little girl that has turned into a beautiful young woman come alive. As Dave was shooting, he made all of us feel like he was part of our family. The staff was out of this world; it was so nice to be around people who love what they do and it shows. We all laughed so much. Too bad she can't graduate again :)

Jodi Daffern

Senior Portrait"I want to thank Lasting Images for a great job."

I was really happy with the results of my pictures! All of the staff made me feel really comfortable, and tended to all of my needs and wants! So I want to thank Lasting Images for a great job.

Kayla Hietbrink


Family portrait

"We have been very pleased with the care and commitment given..."

Our family can depend on Lasting Images to take and deliver the professional photographs for all our special events. We have been very pleased with the care and commitment given and will continue to use their service to capture precious memories.

Steve and Sharon Erker

Family portrait

"We are glad we found a studio we can 'grow' with!"

When our daughter was born we wanted to find a local studio to invest our time and resources in capturing our growing family. Lasting Images has never diappointed us in that venture. We have more than just photographs; we have top-quality mementos. Lasting Images has always gone the extra step to make our family feel welcome. We have worked with them to capture our children's milestones, family pictures and pictures with grandparents. The hardest part is always trying to decide which pictures to purchase because they are all so good! We look forward to many more years of exceptional photography!

Vorce Family

Family portrait

"Their artistic talent is inspiring and captivating"

My husband and I first met Dave and Lisa when we contacted them to do the photography for our wedding. Ten years and three children later, we still call Dave and Lisa when it is picture time. Their artistic talent is inspiring and captivating; their personalities are fun-loving and professional. There is not another photographer I would trust to capture those precious moments in time.

Thanks Dave and Lisa for all that you do!

Beth Wells

"I am so glad that we were able to capture moments along the way."

“We’ve loved working with Dave & Lisa getting our kiddos’ pictures. Dave is fabulous at catching “who they are!” I’ll leave a session thinking it didn’t go very well, and when we try to narrow our pictures down, there are so many great shots. Before having children, you don’t realize how fast the time really flies, and I am so glad that we were able to capture moments along the way. And the baby plans make it even a better deal! Thanks so much, Dave & Lisa!!”

Lana Hickey

1 year baby portrait

"I liked how they allowed our son to be himself"

Our experience at Lasting Images for our son's Year Session and our Family Session was incredible! I was impressed with the patience they had with not only our curious son, but us too! (Decisions, decisions!) When they were shooting the photo's, I liked how they allowed our son to be himself. They directed us on how he was to stand or sit and then if he moved from that position they didn't stop shooting, they continued to shoot and caught some really cute candid's on film! Lasting Images created memories and images that will be unforgettable.

Mindy Smith

Baby Portrait

"We are perpetually amazed at the vividly beautiful pictures"

We are so fortunate to have the images of our baby girl's first year of life immortalized by Lasting Images. We are perpetually amazed at the vividly beautiful pictures Dave captures of our little "Gerber girl." Dave is so patient and loving with Abigail. In fact, he was recently very flexible, encouraging us to return the following day to re-do a photo session which had been difficult due to Abbey feeling tired. We feel he was extremely gentle and considerate with his baby clients.

We also believe the prices and portrait packages available with Lasting Images are extremely reasonable, especially given the quality and variety of settings available to customers. We do not feel restricted in our choices of either as we did when first researching other studios. We will treasure not only our pictures from Lasting Images, but the experiences as well.

Zach & Jennifer Stream


320 Colorado Ave., Brush, CO 80723